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While online casinos can offer the thrills of the game in a spectacular array of software options, those with a taste for the prestigious will want something more interactive. This is where the singular thrills associated with table games in large physical location casinos can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home.

Live Dealer games bring the next-level service of a real flesh and blood dealer to players across the globe gathered on an all-new platform. Unlike the simulated table game, Live Dealer games feature no computer-generated imagery to display the actions, cards, and dealer.

Instead, players will be participating in a live game with other participants in different locations around the globe. All will be connected to the single table and dealer located in land based casino room. This special gaming table is fitted with state of the art video cameras and lighting to create a crisp and clear video footage.

The footage will then be streamed over the internet to the various players participating in the game. Players will interact with each other and the dealer in real time through their consoles or computer devices they have at their disposal.

The technology on which this gaming innovation is based allows the various players to make bets and all gaming actions much as they would in a real casino setting. All the actions are made available through an intuitively designed gaming interface that allows players to control and observe their game to make the best wagering decisions as they see fit.

Those with a taste for the game of chance will be thrilled to know that all the staking variants and gaming styles found in physical locations are also available in Live Dealer environments. Furthermore, all the industry standards for payouts and winning apply in the online dealer environment.

Live Dealer Casino Table Games

Perhaps the biggest reason to take your gaming to the online Live Dealers is the terrific variety of table games available to the avid gamer. All the fun and excitement found on the casino floor is now available at the convenience of your computer or console.

Following are some of the favorites you can expect to find in a Live Dealer Casino

Live Dealer Blackjack - you will find many different options and varieties of blackjack at the online casino. But anyone familiar with this classic game of chance will tell you that the live dealer adds next level thrills to the game. Now all the fun of blackjack is available in a Live Dealer setting. Even better is the extensive amount of betting and payout options available to you.

Live Dealer Roulette -there is nothing quite as exciting as watching the roulette wheel spin and momentum take its course in selecting a winner. While software can simulate this with accuracy, there is nothing like watching the actual ball spinning and tumbling in real time. There is just no comparison between the outcomes either. In a Live Dealer setting all the sights sounds and thrills will be streamed into your computer or console to provide an engaging experience. That will keep you entertained and focused. You will also find a wealth of playing and staking options available in the Live Dealer Roulette tables.

Live Dealer Baccarat - one of the oldest card games dates back to 15th century Italy and is now available in your Live Dealer Casinos. This game is especially dependent on the skill and experience of the dealer or “banker”. At a Live Dealer casino table, players will have all the visual clues they need to make precision wagers. This game just wouldn’t be the same without the skilled dealer calling the plays. There are many Live Dealer Baccarat tables in today’s online casinos. This is an especially easy game to pick up as well.

Live Dealer Casino Hold’ Em - this is a fairly new arrival at today’s Live Dealer tables but is rapidly increasing in participants. In this exciting table game, players will go up against the dealer for extensive payout options. Depending on the strength of the hand you are holding when you win, you will be eligible for some hefty payout prizes. The payouts found at the Live Dealer Casino Hold’Em tables can be some of the highest in the casino world.

What is Online Live Casino?

If you have ever watched a sports game on television, you know that there is a large difference between sitting and how and sitting in a chair at the stadium. Much of the thrill that exists with watching your favorite sports team is simply not the same when you are viewing it through the television sitting in your living room. This is why most sports fans tend to want to attend a game live and in person whenever they are given the chance. The same difference within the experience is something that you can see by watching your favorite artist perform songs to a packed audience. The presentation is simply not as thrilling when you are watching from a distance. Once you get the experience of being a part of the performance, there is nothing quite like the experience that you are provided with live and in person. An online live casino takes this concept and attempts to give you all of the benefits of spending time in a casino without any of the stresses.

Some people do not like the large crowds that are typically found at a casino while others simply do not enjoy the loud noise level. Regardless of why a live casino experience is not one that you are going for at the moment, you are in for a surprise with a different take on the live experience. The purpose of a online live casino is to give you the same feelings of a thrill without subjecting you to any of the downsides that have held you back from visiting a casino in the past. As you know, anything can happen when you visit a casino live. No longer do you have to travel to experience this, it is now available for you to enjoy online.

How does it work with Online Live Casino?

The workings of an Online live casino have made major changes to the way the casino industry works as millions of global casino members have now looked to take advantage of the changing face of technology that is leading to an evolution in the Online gaming industry. The live Online casino can be described in simple terms as offering as close to the live casino experience as possible with the experience of the rolling dice, spinning wheel, and card games streamed live via an audio and video link to players in any corner of the world where a live Internet connection is available.

Different games offer a slightly different experience all based around live dealers taking part in games that are broadcast live via the Internet, which has been made available because of the high speed Internet that is consistently available throughout the world. Cameras and microphones capture the movements and interactions of a live dealer as table games in a physical setting are played. Using either speech or typed text a casino member can interact with the dealer as they play to make it feel as though the individual is actually setting foot in a live physical casino.

The interactive nature of the Online live casino makes it an impressive way of playing casino games via the Internet as the player is provided with a split screen containing an interactive menu and a live broadcast of a table game being played. Much like a real casino players who are in luck during their visit to an Online live casino are given the option of placing a tip for the dealer in a dedicated box that will be taken out of their winnings.

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